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More About Our Founders...

Passionate About Inspiring Others With Their Story


Jared & Samantha Douglas met under very unique circumstances in the fall of 2006 and not long after began dating. Beginning as a typical high school relationship it quickly blossomed into something more serious.  Giving birth to their first child (Jared Jr.) within the the first year of their relationship.  Both Jared & Samantha individually feeling a tug on their hearts from God each set out on their own spiritual journey.  Both having a foundation of Christ as children but rededicating their lives back to Him in the spring 2009. 

With a new fire for Christ they began to ask God the "why" questions.  Why they exist and what is His purpose and will for their new lives.  Newly married, and now with two children, it was on the campus of Indiana University Bloomington in 2010 that this question was answered.  The vision for Christ Up Ministries was birthed. Realizing that this dream would not be accomplished by normal means the two left formal education behind in hot pursuit of God's promise.  Fighting and not fighting for purpose through many trials and tribulations, some being self-inflicted, God has remained faithful and His grace and mercy alone kept them standing.  These testimonies created all necessary propulsion to push them forward and lift up the name that is above every name.  Jesus Christ.







"Being young, married, and having children was one of the biggest learning opportunities of our lives."
- Samantha Douglas

Jared Douglas

Co-Founder & Chairman

Jared - About

Jared, born in Indianapolis, IN to Dyrl & Gina, received a foundation of Christ as a child attending church and various ministry functions.  His father, Dyrl (whom was a minister) worked for the legendary Pastor Lester Sumrall and various other ministers that kept him in the house of God.  However, it was down on the Indiana University Bloomington campus that he rededicated his life to Jesus.  Soon after Jared & Samantha created Christ Up Ministries, He created Christ Up Music Group which is a full service entertainment company that creates platforms for men and women in the body of Christ to use any gift of expression to lift up the name of Jesus.  Having a passion and gift to emcee Jared is also a hiphop artist using his gift to bring people into the awareness of Christ.  Jared & Samantha have been together for 13 years (and counting), almost 10 years married (and counting), and have four sons.  


Samantha Douglas

Co-Founder & President

Samantha is a woman of God, wife, and mother of four boys. Besides family life, she is a community advocate, freelance graphic designer, and produces a podcast along side her husband, Jared. She prides herself on being from a family of entrepreneurs and believes it has contributed greatly to her own entrepreneurial spirit. More than anything she enjoys helping people discover and develop their God-given purpose. This passion led her to creating Love Her League, a community for women for women to share, learn, and grow together. Love Her League believes in the power and influence of women and hopes to serve as a resource to women on their way to their own unique greatness.

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